U.S. Product IFU’s (Instructions for Use)

To download the IFU for a product that VSI distributes in the U.S., click on the appropriate link below. Instructions for Use are subject to change; the current revision of each document is always available on this website.

038 Dilator, For De-Clot Micro-HV sheath, IFU, US, 43-0003-01 rC
Accumed Radial Arm Board, IFU-Warranty, US, 43-0039-01 rA
Amplatz Guidewires IFU, US, 43-0004-01 rA
Angio Assist Docking Station IFU, US, 42-0830-01 rC
Auto-Fill Syringe Kit IFU, US, 42-0657-01 rN
Axis Guidewires IFU, US, 43-0005-01 rA
ClosureFast Reprocessing IFU, 43-0006-01 rD
D-Stat 2 Dry Topical Hemostat IFU, US, 42-0423 rO
D-Stat Clamp Topical Hemostat Accessory IFU, US, 42-0433 rH
D-Stat Dry & Dry Clear Topical Hemostat IFU, US, 42-0468-01 rU
D-Stat Dry Silver & Clear Silver Topical Hemostat IFU, US, 42-0716-01 rM
D-Stat Flowable Hemostat IFU, US, 0327 rAH
D-Stat Rad-Band Topical Hemostat IFU, US, 42-0700-01 rO
D-Stat Radial Topical Hemostat IFU, US, 42-0447-01 rU
De-Clot Micro-HV Introducer Kits IFU, US, 43-0007-01 rA
Disposable Vein Hook IFU, US, 42-0848-01 rC
Dolphin Inflation Device IFU, US, 43-0046-TAB rA
Drainer Centesis Catheter IFU, US, 42-0775-01 rC
Expro & Quattro Elite Snare IFU, US, 42-0786-01 rI
Gandras & Gandras Visci-G Catheter IFU, US, 42-0724-01 rG
Gel-Bead Embolization Spheres IFU, US, 42-0821-01 rD
GelBlock 10x Embolization Pledgets IFU, US, 42-0844-01 rB
GrebSet Micro-Introducer Kit IFU, US, 42-0670-01 rL
Guardian II & Guardian II NC Hemostasis Valve IFU, US, 42-0791-01 rL
GuideLiner Navigation Catheter IFU, US, 42-0856-01 rG
GuideLiner V3 Catheter IFU, US, 42-0820-01 rM
GuideLiner XL catheter IFU, US, 42-0847-01 rH
Guidewires, 014, IFU, US, 43-0001-01 rC
Introducer Kit 7F IFU, US, 42-0877-TAB rA
Introducer Kit, 7F IFU, US, 43-0034-01 rB
Langston Dual Lumen Catheter IFU, US, 42-0713-01 rU
LeadLiner CS lead delivery system IFU, US, 42-0832-01 rG
Micro Elite Snare, Locking mechanism IFU, US, 42-0784-03 rE
Micro-HV Introducer Kits IFU, US, 43-0013-01 rA
Micro-Introducer Kits IFU, US, 43-0016-01 rA
Micro-Introducer Kits, Tearaway, IFU, US, 43-0015-01 rA
Minnie V2 Support Catheter 5-Pack IFU, US, 42-0829-01 rE
Minnie V2 Support Catheter IFU, US, 42-0782-01 rJ
OptiSeal Valved Peelable Introducer Kits IFU, US, 43-0018-01 rC
PiggyBack Wire Converter IFU, US, 42-0690-01 rK
Pronto 035 Extraction Catheter IFU, US, 42-0461-01 rQ
Pronto LP Extraction Catheter IFU, 5F, US, 42-0851-01 rD
Pronto LP Extraction Catheter IFU, US, 42-0665-01 rU
Pronto V3 Extraction Catheter IFU, US, 42-0450-01 rAD
Pronto V4 Extraction Catheter IFU, US, 42-0725-01 rR
Pronto XL Extraction Catheter 7F IFU, US, 42-0777-01 rH
Pronto XL Extraction Catheter 8F & 14F IFU, US, 42-0778-01 rK
Pronto-Short Extraction Catheter IFU, US, 42-0451-01 rP
R350 Guidewire IFU, US, 42-0857-01 rG
Radial Micro-HV Introducer Kits IFU, US, 43-0021-01 rA
SmartNeedle Vascular Access System IFU, US, 42-0768-01 rN
SmartNeedle Vascular Access System Monitor IFU, US, 42-0769-02 rM
Stiffen Micro-Introducer Kits IFU, US, 43-0022-01 rA
StraitSet Micro-Introducer Kit IFU, 43-0023-01 rA
SuperCross microcatheter, US, 42-0849-01 rI
Teirstein Edge Device Organizer IFU, US, 42-0831-01 rC
ThrombiDisc Topical Hemostat, IFU, US, 42-0842-01 rG
Thrombix Silver Topical Hemostat IFU, US, 42-0715-01 rL
Thrombix Topical Hemostat IFU, US, 42-0669-01 rH
Tru-Torque Guidewires IFU, US, 43-0025-01 rA
Turnpike Catheter IFU, US, 42-0839-01 rS
Twin-Pass Dual Access Catheter IFU, US, 42-0802-01 rM
VSI Custom Access Kits IFU, US, 42-0661-01 rF
VSI Guidewire IFU, US, 42-0792-01 rC
VSI Micro-Introducer Kit IFU, US, 42-0734-01 rH
VSI Micro-Introducer Kit, 5F Angled Tip IFU, US, 42-0845-01 rB
VSI Radial Arm Board, IFU, US, 42-0836-01 rH
VSI Radial Introducer Sheath IFU, US, 43-0036-01 rB
VSI StraitSet Micro-Introducer Kit IFU, US, 42-0870-01 rC
VSI Torque Device IFU, US, 42-0855-01 rE
Vari-Lase Bright Tip Laser Fiber Procedure Kit IFU, US, 42-0664-02 rU
Vari-Lase Endovenous Laser Console 15W User's Guide IFU, US, 42-0706-01 rG
Vari-Lase Endovenous Laser Console 810nm User's Guide IFU, US, 42-0421 rH
Vari-Lase Endovenous Laser Console 810nm User's Guide IFU, US, 42-0472-01 rD
Vari-Lase Platinum Bright Tip Laser Fiber Procedure Kit IFU, US, 42-0693-01 rG
Vasc Band Hemostat IFU, US, 43-0027-01 rF
Veinsite Vein Viewing System IFU, US, 43-0028-01 rB
Venture Catheter IFU, US, 42-0828-01 rK
X-Sharp Needle IFU, US, 100159 rB
Xtend Left Elbow Support IFU, US, 43-0041-01 rE
Xtend Right Radial Arm Board IFU, US, 43-0040-01 rC